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I want this model !

So I got tired of grinding filament with the Gregs/Wades/etc extruder so I endeavored to create my own. The goal was to make a geared extruder with a larger diameter filament driver. The work of MoonCactus with his rollerstruder inspired this. I found later on that instead of the notches he cut into the head just cutting a groove and hobbing it seemed to work really well and was easier than trying to get the notches spaced properly.

This is designed for 3mm filament and I got good results when I used it but have gone and switched to 1.75 with everyone else... for my bowden setups it is really the way to go...

Also the mounting holes are spaced to fit on the end of a Prusa though this results in the filament pointing forward like the reprappro.


I want this model !